Low interest causes cancellation of senior graduation cruise

For many years, the graduating seniors have spent their graduation night on an extravagant cruise ship for the evening. Over 300 students usually attend this celebration, but last year, a new trend started: students didn’t want to spend the night on a boat.

Last year the number of students who signed up for the cruise was so low that the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) actually lost money, specifically $5,000. This happened because the deposit they paid before the cruise wasn’t earned back from the students. The reason they paid before they had the money was because of the students’ tendency to sign up last minute, and the deposit had to be paid at a predetermined time. They have never had a problem like this in all the years this cruise has been in place.

This year only 50 students signed up in time for the cruise. Because this number was so low and the PTA didn’t want to have another incident like last year’s, the group cancelled it altogether.

“It’s all about students’ interests,” stated Nick Whitaker, director of activities. The whole reason they even do the cruise is so that graduates will have a memorable graduation. All the students’ checks that were paid were handed back to the students and any that weren’t picked up were shredded.

The chance of having a cruise next year sounds bleak at this point. The only way to bring another cruise back is to participate in it next year and pay as soon as possible. The school wants to make sure that students stay safe and sober on graduation night, and stay out of any kind of trouble.

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