Online course selection available in 2014

Tired of filling out those bright pieces of paper twice a year to secure your class schedule? Well fear no more, for word’s out that an online course selection process might be implemented next year! It could not only alleviate your programming blues, but may save some paper and counselor time as well.

Using the Aeries computer system, the new online course selection would allow students to log in, type in their desired course numbers, and enroll for a class. The process, however, will not completely eliminate a counselor’s role in course selection.

“Moving course selection online will definitely be easier for the counselors,” said Principal Mary Ann Valles. “It eliminates a lot of man hours. But it doesn’t take out the time that comes afterwards. Counselors will still have to rearrange classes and respond to schedule changes to meet the demand of various classes.”

The program will also feature aspects that helps students in planning their futures. In this way, online class registration will benefit students in the long run.

“Students can set their schedule according to a four year college plan, or get on track of a career path,” said Assistant Principal Matthew Steineke.

All online programs have their ups and downs, so what makes this one reliable? Are we sure that the server won’t crash and lose all the school’s class data?

“Aeries has a redundant system built in,” said Steineke. “So if the server does crash, all the data will be backed up and saved.”

The new online course selection program is a  faster, easier, and hassle-free way to go about organizing classes for students’ upcoming years here at CVHS. Although it does not eliminate the huge pile of work counselors face twice a year, it still could make their lives easier by filing the classes and punching in the numbers.

It will be implemented in February or March of 2014.

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