Senior Bio — Tim Pak

Tim was born an academically challenged man; he never did well in his studies and always fooled around in classes. He never understood the reason for school, until he began his time in Journalism. During his first year, he discovered his passion and desire for photography so he became a photo editor during his second year. Through the class, Tim has gained so many awesome skills that will help him in life. To name a few, he can talk to strangers, take pictures of people without them knowing, and also edit photos in Photoshop. As his time closes, he hopes that future generations will be able to have the experience he did. Tim believes that journalism is an amazing opportunity at CVHS where one can gain the necessary skills to live life. Timothy will be attending UCLA in the fall and he knows that the skills Mr. Johanson has taught him through Journalism will carry him far in the City of Angels. And always remember, Peace and Love, Brotha!

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