Senior Bio — Natalie “Nat King Cole” / “Nat Turner’s Rebellion” Chin

For the past two years, Natalie or “Nat King Cole” has been arriving to school at 7:08 am for Journalism class.  Waking up when it’s pitch black and cold has been a struggle, but to Natalie, it was worth it to be in Journalism.  Rising from a staff writer junior year to the News Editor her senior year has been a fun, exciting experience for Natalie.  She will never forget the first awkward interview she conducted or the back room laughs she shared with her fellow staff members. Along with choir, Journalism has been the class that inspired Natalie the most and taught her the most valuable lessons. She will miss her Journalism family as she embarks for UCLA next year under an undeclared major, but thanks them and Mr. J for all the experience and memories.

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