Students without ID cards will be issued detentions, book room says

The CVHS Student/Parent Handbook clearly states that student ID cards must be presented to check out books from the school library or the book room.  It does not, however, explain that students who attempt to do so without their ID cards will be administered a warning, and possibly a detention.

According to Sue Hale, the book room supervisor, at least 200 students have come to the book room without their ID cards, and have therefore been refused the ability to check out any book.  Those students have then had their names put on a list and have been given a warning.  So far, approximately 60 to 70 students have been assigned a detention after first receiving a warning.

“I would expect at this point in the year that students would know,” Principal Mary Ann Valles said in regards to students bringing their ID cards to check out books.

When students do not have their ID cards to check out books, the process is much slower and tedious.  Even if students recite their ID card numbers, it must be entered by hand into the computer rather than automatically when the barcode of an ID card is scanned.

Sophomore Alexa Ludke shared her thoughts about the school’s new approach to checking out books.

“I think the system is fair because students are already required to carry their ID cards at all times,” Ludke said.

Other students, however, are not as compliant and believe that assigning book detentions is too severe of a punishment, as well as “unnecessary.”

“The punishment for not bringing your ID card is too harsh because a student can just go on their own time to get a book,” said junior Ryan Brown, one of the many students who have been issued a warning for not having their ID card when checking out a book.

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