Ice cream a reward for students with perfect attendance

At the end of February, 141 students were given awards for having perfect attendance throughout the first semester. That’s right: 141 students at our school haven’t had any tardies or absences, excused or unexcused, since they started school in September.

“We are trying to reinforce good behavior by rewarding them for it,” said Assistant Principal Jesse Woodward.

Students were given an ice cream as well as a certificate congratulating them for their impressive attendance record. These awards were given to them during their third period class by leadership students.

“I think that kids should be recognized for their hard work always being in class,” said Susan Ermitano, who was involved with the awards.

However, some students who received the award had not been making a conscious effort to attain perfect attendance.

“I didn’t know it existed,” said senior Tanya Senna, one of the recipients. She was not the only student surprised to receive an award.

“It just sort of happened, I don’t really get sick a lot,” commented junior Caroline Cady, who was happily surprised to be given ice cream for coming to school. “ I do think it is a good idea because it encourages people to go to class.”

When asked if receiving ice cream had inspired her to strive for continued perfect attendance, Cady said she wasn’t planning on it and was not particularly concerned either way.

This is the first year that perfect attendance has been rewarded throughout the school, and the administration is planning on giving out attendance awards for the second semester in late May or early June.

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