CVHS boys golf team is back

It is official; the CVHS boys golf team is back. After months of speculation that the team was going to be cut due to insufficient funding, the team has fought their way back.
Last year, the team fell $2,000 short of its players’ requested donations to support the athletic program. However according to Ed Blom, the CVHS boys golf team coach, “the boys golf team has been reinstated due to fundraising activities and donations.”

The boys are “very happy and ecstatic.” Certainly it is a big accomplishment to fundraise such a large amount of money in such a short amount of time. It takes more than one individual to achieve such a hefty goal, but it was a team effort.

Now that the funds owed from last year have all been paid for, the team can now gear up and get ready for their upcoming season. According to Blom, 18 boys have signed up so far.

“I’m really looking forward to this season,” said Blom.

This year is going to be a teaching process because a lot of the boys that have signed up are newcomers and Blom is really looking forward to the instruction and learning curve process.

The CVHS boys golf team will officially kick off the season in February.

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