iPads to be issued to select CVHS classrooms

Yes, the rumors are true: CVHS is going to have its very own set of iPads to use in a variety of fun, inventive, and educational ways.

A few selected classrooms will receive a class set of 33 iPad 2s to use for three weeks, starting within the next couple of months. The purpose of issuing them for a test run is to see how they can be effectively incorporated into classroom curricula.

From science to history to vocational classes all across campus, these mini machines are sure to make a huge difference in the way students are able to interact with their world.

“I’d like to use them for projects, to help history come alive for the kids,” said social studies teacher Jeffrey Goldstein.

Goldstein hopes to take advantage of such “slick” apps like iMovie, iPhoto, and even GarageBand for ads and historical re-enactments.

Melissa Kindelspire of the science department is also excited for her students to finally “have them in their hands.” She plans on using them to “enhance certain aspects of the curriculum,” such as current events, the analysis of data in labs, and public service announcements.

iPads are also going to be a great addition to the English Language Learners class, with the help of fantastic translating apps that will make learning English much easier.

The iPads in question are the newest version of the original Apple iPads and are as standard as possible. They are all 16 GB, have no 3G, and require a source of WiFi currently lacking in our classrooms.

But as basic as they seem, they still hold an abundance of convenient and resourceful apps that will take high school education to the next level and into the 21st century.

“This will happen,” assured Goldstein optimistically as he described how CVHS’s long-term goal is to eventually have iPads, or other electronic devices like them, in every classroom in school.

But as anxious as he is to start working with them, Goldstein is still able to look at the bigger picture.

“I think it’s easy to look at technology as a solution for society’s problems. But it’s not. It’s just a tool,” he said.

Needless to say, social media sites will be off limits when using the devices, and students will not be allowed to take them home. But the iPads will hopefully provide a great opportunity for the students to better grasp classroom concepts in exciting ways.

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