CVHS students compete at regionals

The Science Alliance, a competitive science team from CVHS, recently competed in a regional round of the U.S. Department of Energy Science Bowl, where they placed 10th out of 24 teams.

“I tend to look more at the fact that we finished third in our division,” said Bright Zhou, a junior and Science Alliance team member.

On Jan. 29, the team, consisting of Zhou, seniors Alice Liu, Jeremy Meza, Chiko Shimizu and sophomore Kristie Huie, traveled to Las Positas College in Livermore. There, they competed against other teams from high schools in the Bay Area in science and math related subjects.

“It was a really good experience,” remarked Huie. “I got to see students from other high schools and their levels of intelligence.”

According to Zhou, the heat of battle was the best part of the contest.

“[The competition] was exhilarating; like Jeopardy, my favorite show,” stated Zhou without a hint of sarcasm.

As preparation, the team held mock competitions at the houses of team members. There, with occasional snack breaks, the team studied math, chemistry, physics, earth science, astronomy, and energy to better their chances of winning.

“I enjoyed the camaraderie of working with my team,” said Huie with a smile.

Zhou, eager for the thrill of competition again, has already begun to prepare another team for next year.

“It was way too fun not to do it again,” Zhou said. “My blood was pumping; the room was spinning, and I got a little dizzy when I stood up. That’s how intense it was.”

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