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New year, new clubs: Fresh interests to explore at CVHS

With the beginning of a new school year, many new clubs are joining us. Over 20 new clubs have been created this year, all with unique narratives and goals. The various clubs range from bringing more diversity on campus, like the Muslim Student Association and French Culture Club, to creating more opportunities to experience and learn, such as TEDxCVHS and the Political Science Club. 

One such club is the Game Development Club, which meets every Tuesday in room 513. Juniors Devin Hidayat and Mario Joseph founded the club with a mutual interest in coding and programming. With the club, they’ll teach people about coding and developing, but also hope to show people the creative and artistic elements of game building. 

“We want people who can code and design, but also people who are all around creative and are willing to work with each other,” said Joseph, “because game development isn’t always a task done by a single person.” 

After helping people become proficient enough in coding, they hope to enter a game developing competition next semester.

Vietnamese Culture Club (VCC) meets every Monday during lunch in room 306. Senior Tiffany Liu, president, planned for the club throughout the summer with her friends, after realizing that there hadn’t been a Vietnamese club before. 

“VCC is about sharing and teaching Vietnamese culture,” wrote Liu. “We want to teach the beautiful Vietnamese culture with many students and help broaden their understanding of different cultures.” 

Vietnamese traditions, food, music, and clothing are among some of the topics that will be talked about through weekly slideshows at every meeting. They’ll be accompanied by an activity or craft, like making and trying Vietnamese food.

All students are encouraged to come to meetings and join: “I am hoping that not only does this club reach out to the Vietnamese students in school, but many other students who are willing to learn,” said Liu. 

Lastly, Badminton Club meets every Thursday during lunch in room F3. The club, created by freshman Jonathan Huang and currently led by freshman Matthew Xiao, plans to teach people about badminton in a more competitive light. 

Although they are still in the process of organizing their club, they plan to have one to two training sessions held every week. They’ll be taught by student coaches, showing people proper posture, footwork, and technique. They plan to invite Canyon and Creekside students to trainings as well.

The club was created to bring more competition to badminton along with the school’s badminton team.

“Try it out and see if you can handle the conditioning, [to] see if you have a genuine, competitive interest in the sport,” says Xiao.

After becoming more organized and set up, they hope to have matches and competitions with other schools.

These are just a few of the clubs you are invited to join. To see a whole list of all the clubs, be sure to check out the CVHS clubs website to potentially find a new one to join!

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