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Anthony’s lasting effect on the library

In her three years as the CVHS librarian, Angela Anthony has brought community, acceptance, and vibrance to the student library. She has run a monthly Trojan Time book club, supported students with poetry and activism workshops, brought and highlighted diverse stories to the library, and so much more. 

“It just wasn’t the right fit,” Anthony reflected. “Castro Valley is an interesting place; there are some people who are trying to make this a safe, welcoming place for all, but there are some people hindering the progress that needs to be made.”

Students and staff lean on Anthony for support with classes and personal needs. She orders e-books for the entire district, ensuring that all students are able to access books that reflect their identities and experiences in the face of book bans crossing the nation. 

“There’s a lot that goes into it that you don’t see unless you’re here everyday. I hope the next person that comes in matches that enthusiasm and is ready to take on that unique opportunity,” as library assistant David Prinvale said. He will continue Anthony’s work with the future librarian.

“I hope they hire another librarian passionate about school libraries and who can build upon the work I’ve already done to make this an even better library program,” Anthony said.

Aside from her job’s normal library tasks, every quarter, Anthony checks in with her TAs, demonstrating the care she invests into students. The TAs learn to check in and shelve books, do inventory, create displays and engage more students in the library. Anthony also supports students entering the library with finding books, printing essays, and so much more. 

Students at CVHS have expressed their appreciation for Anthony, and the space she has created. 

“I am a massive bookworm and Ms. Anthony made my library experience so much better. She improved the library by bringing in new books that interest the students, she interacts well and makes everyone feel at home. CVHS is going to miss Ms. Anthony next year,” wrote sophomore Janetta Harchenko.

“She has been there for me a lot. When I was going through a lot, she was there for me when nobody else was,” student library assistant Ellarin Baylon shared. “I’m going to miss her, and I’ll never forget her.”