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CVHS bids adieu to retiring teachers

Clare Lepell

Clare Lepell, after CVHS, plans to continue doing things she enjoys, for example hosting dinner parties, cooking up delicious meals, gardening, visiting art museums, and writing. However, don’t think this is the end of teaching for Lepell, because though she may not be teaching you directly, she will be teaching teachers how to teach you through the Bay Area Writing Projects, something that she has been doing since the late 1990s! So next time you’re in English, Lepell might have just helped curate your lesson plan!

Going on, Ms. Lepell stated, “I will miss working with students, seeing them learn and grow as individuals.  I will miss collaborating with my colleagues as they are a dedicated and inspirational group.”

Though she may be leaving CVHS, she is leaving us with advice for the future, “My advice to students is to stay curious, to take advantage of the time in high school to trust in and expand their intellects, and to actively cultivate empathy and compassion for others.”

Through this short conversation, her love of teaching is the first thing that came out. Her kindness and compassion are woven into the words that she says, especially when she shares the hopes that she has for future students.

“I hope that future students will see books as friends, literature as a lifelong companion and source for understanding more about themselves and other people. I hope that students will embrace writing as a means of personal and intellectual expression and know that words carry power, so all people need to be mindful when using them,” she stated. 

Here at CVHS, we hope that Ms. LePell’s retirement is filled with eating long noodles from 88 Bao Bao, sandwiches from Lucca’s Delicatessen, and continuing to spread empathy everywhere.

Sue Lapacek

Sue Lapacek, or Ms. L, offers a radiant personality with her love for queso birria tacos and the kindness that she emits is absolutely evident. After her retirement, Lapacek plans to give back to the community by volunteering in charities supported by her church, for example, FESCO and St. Vincent de Paul. She also plans to help out at retirement homes and humane societies. In all, her main focus is just giving back to the community. Which is something that we should all take away from her. 

Though she may not be here at CVHS anymore, her impact on her students and faculty members will forever stand. Her hopes for future students are, “above the moon and the stars. May they flourish in becoming successful not only in their education but life”. Some advice that she has to offer future students is, “Always be true to yourself”.

In all, Lapacek has made a great impact not only on CVHS but on her community as a whole. The selflessness that she displays without even knowing it is greatly appreciated everywhere in the world. In a time where it is hard to be and stay connected with people Lapacek does.

Jeff Vendsel

Photo by Darius Barnes

Many of you guys may know our photography teacher, Jeff Vendsel, but did you know that he has a love for coffee? Well, now you know. 

He is loved by many of his students, and there is no question why! He is an amazing teacher and just an amazing person overall. He has the ability to make his classes fun and engaging for students. His presence will definitely be missed, and he will forever be a model to students on what it means to be a photojournalist. 

Though he may not be on campus next year, his words will still impact students here as he offers them advice, “always ask yourself how you can make your photo better”. So what’s next for Mr. Vendsel? 

Well, he plans to move to the Virgin Islands with his wife, and though he may not know what is next for him, he is excited to start a new chapter in his life, and we hope that his life is filled with more beautiful pictures and spectacular adventures in the great outdoors.

Overall, these teachers have provided so much for each and every one of their students, the least we can do is thank them. Each of these teachers has had an amazing impact on the campus and has helped bring positivity to every classroom they walked into. We wished them the best for their retirement and next time you run into one of them, be sure to say thanks!