Trojans remain hopeful for the summer

After over a whole year inside, things are just starting to return back to normal, meaning that students will likely have more freedom this summer than in 2020. Many students already have some fun things they hope to do this summer on their 2021 bucket lists. Four CVHS students shared their summer plans and goals and how COVID-19 has affected some of these plans. 

“I plan on going out more, even though I’m now fully vaccinated I still plan to take precautions by wearing a mask, I don’t want to travel too far from home. Despite this, in order to make the most out of the summer I’m planning to start my driver’s ed and go out with my friends more often,” said junior Kikie Liu.

“By the time summer starts, practically my whole family will be vaccinated. My family has been itching to get a break from the daily CV life, so they’re taking us out of state as soon as the school year is over. I’m also considering summer classes and of course summer homework for next year’s classes to do. Near the end of summer, I will be participating in Link Crew training and Marching Band,” said junior Leo Chu stated. 

Junior Amaya Davis shared her summer bucket list which included, getting a job, ice skating, visiting a museum, taking a class and other fun activities. “My first priority is getting myself vaccinated, but after that even though I know I wont be able to do everything I had planned I hope to check as many things off my list as possible,” she said.  

“I plan on improving my track skills for the upcoming season which will hopefully be back to normal, I’ll be doing pole vault practice with my friends and the pole vault coach at the highschool over the summer, as well as hurdle practice with my hurdle coach so I can improve my technique for hurdles,” said junior Nolan Slader.  

Though summer 2021 still isn’t as normal as many of us would’ve wanted, students still plan to make the most out of it and have fun while staying safe. 

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