Students celebrate “Dude, be nice!” week

Kindness is an underrated trait, something people work on in theory, but don’t often practice. Dude Be Nice! Week starting May 1 was the CVHS way of giving students an incentive to express extra kindness in the hopes that it’ll stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Dude Be Nice! Week is pretty self explanatory: it’s a week when the students of CVHS are encouraged to be extra nice, to go out of their way to make someone smile, and to notice the people on campus who spread positivity.

Leadership students put their heads together and came up with six nominees from each grade, who would be voted on by the student body on the Friday of Dude Be Nice! Week.

This year, all the nominees were strong, or should we say, nice, but the winners from each grade consisted of Alex Salinas (freshman), Hunter Bowersmith (sophomore), Chris Kusumonegoro (Junior), and Ian Doporto (senior). These winners received a t-shirt for their efforts and a pat on the back, not to mention a lifetime of bragging rights.

As junior Matt Betti said, “Something very simple can make a big impact on someone’s day, so it’s nice to recognize the people that are making the effort to be kind.”

Throughout the week, leadership also created hashtags, one for each day, that students could share their stories and pictures to such as: #muchlovemonday, #thoughtfultuesday, #warmhugwednesday, #thankfulthursday, and #friendshipfriday.

“Using social media to promote Dude be nice! week has been successful, and has encouraged more people to get involved,” said Betti.

Promoting positivity is never a negative thing, and everyone on campus was likely affected in some way or another by someone’s kindness, and that is what makes it all worth it.

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