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ASB President “JYin” takes the win

Many people know Jessica Yin, ASB president, as the campus hero for bringing food trucks to school. Although the entire process wasn’t easy, Yin stated in an interview, “Due to the overwhelmingly positive response from students, I knew that this was something that I definitely wanted to bring to campus.”

Yin has been a part of our school’s leadership program for all four years of her high school career, and during her time accomplished a successful Renaissance program for honors students last year and plans to bring it back this year. When asked about her most successful accomplishment, she stated that she was incredibly proud of being able to incorporate middle school leadership shadowing days, where middle schoolers would shadow leadership students at CVHS.

As Yin ecstatically exclaimed, “There is a wide gap between the middle school and high school leadership experience, and I have been hoping to bridge that gap, or at least prepare some of the incoming freshmen for what high school will be like. I think it’s important for us to make the incoming freshmen feel welcome at CVHS and help them make a smooth transition to high school. These shadowing days also inspire middle school leadership students to run for office for high school, and the more involved they are, the better the high school experience they will have!”

Soon to be graduating from CVHS this year, Yin plans to attend Carnegie Mellon University under the Department of Mechanical Engineering. There she hopes to major in mechanical engineering with a focus in product design and development, as well as a minor in entrepreneurship.

“It really is very important to me that I believe in what I’m doing and that I love doing it,” said Yin. “Following my passions and truly loving what I do is something that I have always tried to live by, and I am really excited to be going somewhere with the exact same philosophy.”

When asked about her leadership inspiration, she thanked her leadership class for not only encouraging but providing her with opportunities for leadership development. She also thanked former activities director Nick Whitaker, as she reminisced,  “Without his work to make leadership the family it has been and is today, I would never have had the confidence in myself to even dream of what I have and will accomplish.”

Michael Kentris, CVHS’s leadership advisor, has only positive things to say about Yin. “She’s an amazing ASB president, she’s done so much for our school. It’s incredible really,” he said.  

In return Yin stated her year as ASB president wouldn’t of have been half as successful without the help of Kentris and his open-mindedness and hard work. “I really owe a lot to him for trusting me to lead the class and pursue projects like food trucks and middle school leadership class shadowing days, which would not be possible without his support,” she said.

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  • Thank you, Jessica, for all of your efforts to bridge that gap between leadership in middle school and high school! Not only have our students at Canyon learned from this experience, but we as the teachers & Activity Directors have too. We are so proud of you, and we are grateful for the hard work that you, the Leadership class, and Mr. Kentris (and Dub!) put in so that our students coming to you feel welcomed and valued! Looking forward to our partnership continuing! Thanks!

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