Improv shows unexpected humor

What do you do when the spotlight is on you, there’s no script and the crowd is expectantly watching? One must improvise!

Interactive, entertaining, and on-the-spot witty, students in the CVHS Improv Club held their second event on Friday, March 28 in the Center for the Arts.

As an “improv-newbie,” my initial thought was the show would be a normal play and I had no idea what to expect. Like a child tasting something new, I initially had my doubts, but in the end I was wrong.

Two teams faced off, challenging each other to a variety of different improvisational games. Made up on the spot, many of the jokes and puns were spontaneously and perfectly placed, provoking an eruption of laughter from the crowd.

Often times, the referee takes some crazy, some awesome, and even some vulgar suggestions from the audience. Careful what you say, because anyone, such as a referee, actor, or audience, who makes a rude or inappropriate comment deserves to wear a brown bag over their heads. Many call it the “brown-bag penalty,” when it is, in truth, a bag of shame.

With an interestingly interactive performance, comical acting, and a display of amazing talent, the Improv event of 2013 proved to be an amazing experience definitely worth seeing.

“It was really fun to do, and not stressful for me at all because I knew that even if I humiliated myself, it would be better for the audience,” said sophomore George Eliopoulos, Improv club member. “I hope next time comes sooner so I can have this much fun again.”

The most miraculous thing about Improv is the fact that it has sprouted from a club instead of classes like the CVHS events such as Pops or music concerts. Many of its members attend a summer camp specifically for improving improvisational skills and bond through that experience.

“Improv is everything,” enthused Laura Miller, vice president of the Improv Club. “Through Improv, I’ve grown so much, I’ve gotten so much confidence from this, and I could do almost anything now. It’s an awesome experience.”

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