“To Kill a Mockingbird” debuts this May

Little Scout Finch, her older brother Jem, their honorable lawyering father Atticus, and one very mysterious Boo Radley are to appear live on the CVHS stage this May.

That is, their characters, of course.

Growing up in Maycomb, Alabama during the Great Depression, Scout and Jem witness their little town’s vehemently racist white community when Atticus agrees to defend the innocence of a black man, Tom Robinson, accused of raping a white woman. To Kill a Mockingbird has stood the test of time as a story of believing in the goodness of mankind despite the deplorable injustices displayed by society.

Relive Harper Lee’s beloved classic in a whole new way, reenacted by Steve Davidson as Atticus Finch, a double cast of Matt Skinner and Tyler Brady as Jem, a double cast of Lisa Bonsignore-Opp and Jenna Brady as Scout, Mark Schantz as Boo Radley, and 30 other promising talents of the CVHS drama department. The whole shebang will be narrated by the double cast of Johnna Murch and Emma Hancock.

“It’s a different experience from reading the book or watching the movie when you see it in theater,” said director Tiffany Daily in a hushed voice as actors rehearsed solemnly in the CFA. “Watching it performed live makes the whole thing a more personal story.”

Daily pointed out that this particular show is one with which many students should be familiar, as all freshmen who pass through the halls of CVHS are required to read To Kill a Mockingbird.

“We’re really excited to produce something part of the freshman curriculum,” she whispered. “We really hope the whole student body can come see it.”

With such a large prospective audience, seats are predicted to fill up fast, so listen for the PA announcing when tickets become available. Showings will be held on the first two weekends of May, at 7 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and 2 p.m. on Sundays.

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