Global Glimpse gives glimpse of the globe

Traveling, interacting and learning about developing countries is all part of Global Glimpse, a non-profit organization that is in talks to be launched at CVHS in the summer of 2013. Global Glimpse will allow students in their junior and senior years to travel internationally in a group while being educated on the diversities of different cultures. This organization emphasizes community service, college preparation, mutual understanding, and respect.

“Students will get to travel to Nicaragua to learn about the culture, language, and where people live and study lessons to become successful,” said English teacher Anne Parris.

Global Glimpse is one of the largest international programs in Nicaragua. Nicaragua is in the heart of Central America and, with it’s white sand beaches, rich coffee lands, huge volcanoes, and tropical jungles, visitors will be fascinated with the unlimited adventures and discoveries they’ll be able to witness. The enthusiastic, strong, and proud people of Nicaragua will share their history and cultures with the travelers.

Participants will actively be involved in Global Glimpse with no direct fee. Fundraisers, such as car washes, will be held by the students to help pay for the entire cost of the trip.
“This program was started because fewer than ten percent of people had passports and not a lot of people get to travel,” explained Parris.

After participating in Global Glimpse, students will gain personal insight of who they are and the different cultures they’ve witnessed. They will also learn how to apply for a passport. With these experiences gained, students will be capable of tackling economic, political, and social struggles in the future.

“I think [Global Glimpse] is an awesome idea. You can learn a lot by going to a country for three weeks,” said history teacher Ian Rodriquez.

Parris is organizing the program for summer of 2013, and says that members of GRAEL Academy will have first priority to sign up. Applications will include an interview between five and ten minutes. Students who are accepted will be given a little background on the country so they’ll have a sense of what it’s like before they go.

More information will be posted in the future. To find out more about Global Glimpse, see Parris in Room 506 or go to

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