Students to take educational European vacation

The CVHS Travel Club will once again be giving students the opportunity to take an exciting adventure with their 12-day educational European tour planned for the summer of 2012.

“We try to plan a trip every year for the students,” stated Jennifer Jervis, CVHS arts teacher and a co-founder of the trip. “This year we’re going to Costa Rica and the year before we also went to Europe.”
The student-picked tour includes key destinations like Venice, Florence, Pisa, Paris, London, and the French Riveria, with optional excursions to Versailles and San Gimignano all within the span of a 10-day period. At these destinations, students will see famous monuments, explore with guided tours, enjoy regional cuisine, and watch artisan demonstrations of the culture of the area.
History teacher Jason Marlis is the primary founder of these trips and believes that they allow students a fun and interesting way to learn the history of a different society and culture. EF Tours, the organization that leads these student trips, will provide a tour guide, someone who can supply information and allow students to relate to the society they have learned about in school.
Only seven students have signed up so far for this excursion, meaning there are still many seats up for grabs.

“Many students don’t sign up until the school year before the trip because they think it’s too far in the future,” Jervis said. However, it’s never too soon to sign up and start planning and saving for the tour which includes stops at the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Saint Mark’s Square, and Big Ben.

To see a full itinerary and learn more about the trip, students and parents can visit and enter the tour number 1013208.


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