“We’re all in this together” with High School Musical


As the lights dimmed in the CFA, the excitement and tension could be felt by the actors and actresses as they prepared to perform High School Musical.
When the announcement was made that the annual musical for CVHS was going to be the ever-popular movie High School Musical starring Zac Efron and Vannesa Hudgens, hundreds of students screamed for joy.
As auditions were held, many students lined up to be a part of the great production. When they were over, the real chaos began as the HSM cast had about two months to memorize their lines and get everything down pat.
From their hard work and dedication, they were able to display an extravagant performance. I was greatly pleased to have the privilege of reviewing the musical.
At the beginning of the play, I complained to myself because I was never a fan of HSM. “Prettyboy” Zac Efron, star of Disney Channel’s HSM never appealed to me and I refused to watch the movie based on word of mouth. However, CVHS’s HSM was a different tale.
The wonderful cast which includes Kearny Combs, Jason Phillips, Danielle Oh and many more were spot on in their singing and acting. The pit band was excellent and the music was very catchy as drums, bass, electric guitar and piano were used throughout the performance. The tech theatre students who controlled the lights, worked the audio system and also built the backgrounds for the production were spot on for their tasks.  The colorful backgrounds correlated with the darkness of the CFA and the bright neon lights gave a nice mellow feeling of the darkness.
The plot of the whole musical is crystal clear and it is very easy to connect with the cast’s acting. High school may not be a singing and joyful experience, but the trials and tribulations of high school are displayed in HSM.
Overall, this production can only be appreciated if you go watch it.  There are still shows Friday May 13, Saturday May 14, and Sunday May 15. The hard work the drama class, choir and tech theater students put in can easily be seen. This was my first musical and I definitely am pleased. I give this musical five stars for the hard work of the students, and for how much I enjoyed the musical.

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