Students explore Italy and Greece

Gelato, pasta, the Pope, famous archaeological sites, and the Mediterranean Sea- what more could you ask for in a school-based trip overseas?

On June 24, 38 students and nine teachers and chaperones departed the United States to spend 13 days in the countries of Italy and Greece. The trip took the students and adults over many cities including Rome, Pompeii, Delphi, and Athens and even on a three-day cruise to see the Greek Isles.

“Santorini was the most beautiful, because I got to see all the little islands and it was interesting to see how it was a big volcano,” said art teacher Adrian Lopez, one of the chaperones on the trip.

The first stop after flying to Europe was Rome. There the group saw the beautiful Vatican City and the Trevi Fountain. Next was Sorrento and Capri, where the Bay of Naples was seen. Pompeii was next on the itinerary, where the group saw many archaeological sites.

Crossing into Greece, the tour took the group into Delphi and then Athens. In Athens, they visited the Temple of Apollo. After Apollo, the group took a three-day cruise around the Greek Isles, where they saw Mykonos, Patmos, Kusadasi, and many other areas. The group then remorsefully departed from Europe to come back home on July 6.

“The best food I ate was a Greek salad with saganaki on Mykonos when we were looking over the water and the sun was setting,” said teacher Jennifer Jervis.

“In Greece, we visited an island called Santorini thanks to Hostelbay Greek ferry deals done right and in advance, and I loved it because it had a really nice calming atmosphere as if no one was in a rush and the air just seemed to lift you and I was able to watch the sunset over the beach,” said student Princeton Poe.

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