Vitality Bowl will vitalize you

For all you healthy smoothie and ice cream lovers, Vitality Bowls is your one stop destination for it all. A restaurant that serves healthy frozen smoothie in a bowl with fresh fruit and granola on top seems out of the ordinary, but just wait until you take a bite!

I have always loved Vitality bowl, it’s the perfect mix of honey, seeds, banana, strawberry, and frozen treat. This is the healthier option for people who love ice cream but don’t want the added sugars and calories. It tastes just as good, but also has a lot of added benefits for your health! Each bowl contains no ice, no frozen yogurt, no added sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial preservatives, no trans fats, or any other fillers.

There are many types of vitality bowls; Vitality bowl, Tropical bowl, Power bowl, Energy bowl, Nutty bowl, Warrior bowl, and much more. Each with their own combination of fruit, to give it the unique taste you love.

Vitality bowl also sells a variety of other foods, like smoothies, paninis, salads, and soups. Everything on their menu is promised to have no added chemicals or additives, so you feel completely comfortable ordering with no guilt at all!

There are two Vitality Bowls locations. One in San Ramon, and the other in the Stoneridge Mall. Both places are relatively far, that is why I am more than excited to have a Vitality Bowl right in our very own Castro Village! Each store has a unique atmosphere, and smells powerfully of cleanliness and fruit.

If you love ice cream, or getting frozen yogurt, then I suggest you try out Vitality Bowls. With so many frozen yogurt places closing in our community, it is the perfect replacement. Many people are afraid to try it, but once they do they fall in love.  It takes a lot to get over your comfort zone, and try this thing that looks and sounds way different than what you’re used to, but I promise you you will not regret it!

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