“A sneak peak into the life of the famous Beyonce”

Beyonce Knowles’s newly released album, Beyonce, is the best one she has put out so far! She includes all pieces of her life in it so it feels as if you’re getting a sneak peek into the life of the famous Beyonce.

In the album, Beyonce wrote the song “Blue” about her daughter, Blue Ivy, and she also includes a song that features her husband Jay-Z. She also wrote about women’s rights and feminism in the song “Flawless” and throughout her album.

The songs are moving and heartfelt as well as scandalous and sexy.

There has been a bit of controversy over the sexual aspects in some of her songs. However, Beyonce is a mature adult and a mom, so she has every right to freely sing about what she wants. Even when Beyonce does talk about sexual content in her songs, she sings so perfectly you don’t even care.

I love Beyonce and I love this album.

On December 12, 2013, Beyonce dropped this surprise album exclusively on iTunes. When you buy it, you not only get the songs, you get a plethora of music videos to go along with them. This is not like any ordinary album; this is the official Beyonce experience.

The songs range from slow ballads to poppin’ slaps, so no one is stuck feeling like they’re listening to the same old song repeating over and over again.

Beyonce knows what she is doing and she proves it with this album.

Evan Kwong

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