Kardashian’s Pac Sun clothing line rocking the California look

The two youngest sisters of the Kardashians clan, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, have released their own clothing line with PacSun clothing stores. Their clothes consist of a lot of denim, chiffon, high-waisted pants/shorts and many other summer clothes.

The sisters have said they wanted to have their clothing line to have a California casual look, and they nailed it. Their clothes are affordable and extremely wearable. Some outfits are a little more on the thrift store side while some are not as wearable as the Jenners make them look. Nonetheless, there are many other options to choose from in the line.

They released this clothing line on Feb. 8 with no help from their older sisters. This fashion line has something for every girl, and from jeans to jackets they are a hit. The neutral and bright colors mix together wonderfully and fit their unique and casual style, something I think everyone can relate to.

Sadly, the PacSun clothing store in the Stoneridge mall has gone out of business but there is a store next to Nordstrom Rack in the Marina Shopping Center. Get on out there and get what suits you best. I guarantee they will have something for you.

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