An Abundance of Katherines is a humorous and vibrant novel


Have you ever been obsessed with a name? How about to the point where you date 19 people all with that name? In An Abundance of Katherines by John Green, Colin Singleton is a seventeen year old anagramming child prodigy who has just graduated from high school along with being dumped by Katherine XIX.

Ever since Colin was a child he has been gifted, being young and extremely intelligent he never really fit in with the other kids, but he always seemed to find himself a Katherine. He never tries to find Katherines to fall in love with, but his heart always tends to find one and then be broken by one. As he is falling into a case of love sickness his best friend, a Muslim named Hassan Harbish comes to his rescue and decides to take him on a road trip. The road trip takes a turn when they land in a town named Gutshot in the middle of nowhere where supposedly the Archduke Franz Ferdinand is supposedly buried.

As they arrive to the site Colin meets not a Katherine but a Lindsey, a feisty, short tempered girl with a smile that could “cure cancer.” As the road trip turns into a short term visit, Colin finds himself falling in love with Lindsey and also putting his genius to the test with coming up with the equation for how long it will take for the relationship to end and who will be the dumper or the dumpee. As Colin and Lindsey find themselves in a relationship, he tests his equation and figures that she will be the dumper after four days. But who will actually turn out to be in that position?

This book is full of humor and vibrant energy. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Not only is the story entertaining but also it leaves you thinking about life and the world around you.

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