Jayme Dee debuts first single

YouTube sensation Jayme Dee from sunny Southern California debuted her first studio single, “Tip Toes.”  The blonde’s song is showing up on Spotify playlists, and is gaining recognition on YouTube, with over 52,000 views for the music video.  Dee sings about the emotions of a girl getting swept off her feet onto her tiptoes by a boy she’s in love with.

The music video is best described as “cute” and “simple.”  The overall performance was a bit awkward, which I actually found rather refreshing, but the choreography could’ve been better.  For a pop song, it doesn’t sound annoying or overly synthesized.  The lyrics are pretty diversified with meaning, yet inevitably include that “ohhh whoaaa ohhhh” that comes along with this genre of music.

Although “Tip Toes” is one of those forgettable and in-the-phase catchy tunes, it has the potential to easily be just as memorable as many other songs on the radio today.

From an upcoming pop singer from YouTube, I honestly didn’t expect much from the song.  My thoughts flip flopped when I saw the video and heard the song for the first time, and was quite impressed by Dee’s musicianship and star presence.

I recommend this song for everyone to listen to at least once, for a Taylor Swift-esque pop feel.  The emotions expressed in “Tip Toes” are easily relatable for anyone in love, or falling in love.  Dee’s down-to-earth background and success story as a YouTube star also keeps aspiring musicians striving to do better.  “Tip Toes” didn’t quite sweep me off my feet, but it did earn 3.5/5 stars from me!

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