Think Like a Man is a comical roller coaster

The new motion picture Think like a Man, which is based on the Steve Harvey novel Act like a Lady, is hysterical. Everyone in the movie theater enjoyed the comical roller coaster ride this movie has to offer.

Most people wouldn’t be confident if they were to play in a basketball game against NBA stars Matt Barnes, Ron Artest and WNBA star Lisa Leslie. But Cedric, played by Kevin Hart, thought differently. He believed that he and his friends could beat the opposing team without a problem. Later, however, they began to doubt themselves.

Think Like a Man is about lessons on how to trick the person one likes into treating him or her better. The movie includes four different storylines: a single mom who learns how to stand up and talk about her problems with her “mama’s boy” boyfriend, a frustrated long term girlfriend who deals with her boyfriend’s childish ways; a single girl who is tired of men treating her wrong; and lastly, a very independent powerful woman and aspiring chef. The storyline works because the women learn the lessons this time, instead of men.

The book, Act like a Lady, is incorporated into Think like a Man to give some wisdom to each of the couples on how to deal with each other and their situations and to stop believing gender stereotypes.

Even though this movie talks about adult love and relationships, some of the wisdom Steve Harvey shares from Act like a Lady and Think like a Man helps young adults. It helps to suggest better decisions for them when it comes to relationships, sex, and love.

The movie was wonderful: it wasn’t low budget, and the storyline was realistic. Since the movie is PG-13 and deals with many adult topics, I recommend people who aren’t 16 and older to be with a parent/guardian. I definitely give this movie a five out of five stars because of the continual laughs and the realistic solutions to problems that can benefit everyone.

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