New Misson: Impossible movie excites

I learned the true meaning of having something defy all your expectations when I went to see Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. I went to the theatre with very basic expectations in mind. Yes, Tom Cruise was in it, and yes, it was a new Mission: Impossible movie, but I was not expecting too much. Ghost Protocol might be new and seemingly exciting, but after the many horrible sequels I’ve seen, I did not expect this one to be too much better than the old Mission: Impossible movies.

However, I was in for a huge surprise. The movie was nothing like what I expected, but much, much more than that. Compared to previous Mission: Impossible movies, Ghost Protocol was far more intricate and enthralling.

Ghost Protocol continues the story of the IMF (Impossible Missions Force). It starts at the Kremlin, in Russia, when a bomb goes off, and the members of the IMF are the primary suspects in the terrorist strike. The President of the United States initiates “Ghost Protocol,” which disavows the entire IMF, allowing its members to act under the radar. With this, they begin one of their most dangerous missions, searching for the true perpetrator behind the bombing as the safety of American citizens is threatened by an imminent nuclear disaster.

Overall, the movie deserves two thumbs up and a standing ovation. I found myself enthralled by every part of the movie. The actors, the special effects, the music, everything was tailored for a successful and outstanding movie. In my opinion, it was a masterpiece worth watching.

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