50/50 a touching tale of a man’s battle with cancer

50/50 is a touching movie about a man who discovers that he has a rare form of cancer.

In 50/50, 25-year-old Adam Lerner leads a simple life working as a radio talk show host. However, little does he know that his life is about to be completely turned upside down. He is soon diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Considering his young age and healthy lifestyle, Adam has a hard time believing this is happening to him. With no other choice, he decides to start chemotherapy and fight for his life.

As time goes on and his vitality and health slowly fade, Adam comes to terms with his life and illness. While fighting the cancer he begins to appreciate what he has in life, especially the things he took for granted before his battle.

Normally, I wouldn’t care to watch a movie like this, being not too fond of sad or emotional movies, but this one caught my eye. Not only was it a movie about a man’s life with cancer, but it incorporated some comedy as well.

Most people would believe that adding humor into a movie with such a serious theme may result in a total disaster. To those people, I say, “I agree with you.” The addition of humor to a movie about a man’s battle with cancer does seem completely outlandish and inappropriate, but the makers of 50/50 did it so well that never once did I feel like the humor was misplaced.

Watching this movie was a whole new experience for me. Never had I felt like simultaneously laughing and crying in the same movie before.

Though this movie may seem wholly inappropriate with a crude mix of humor and a serious topic, it is an extremely good movie; I recommend it to anyone who can watch it.

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