The Glee Project: a fun and energetic reality show

Utilizing high drama, music, and a wildly popular television program, The Glee Projectmakes for an entertaining show.The Glee Project premiered on Oxygen this summer in hopes of finding a talented winner to be awarded a seven-episode arch on the television series Glee.It began with 12 contestants, narrowed down from over 40 applicants, who competed using their singing, acting, and dancing abilities, with one being eliminated weekly.The contestants start each week with a “homework assignment” where they are given a song to perform for a mystery judge, who is always a Glee cast member. The judge picks a winner who he or she then gives a private lesson. Later, the entire group makes a music video, from which a bottom three is chosen based on performance. The bottom three must re-audition to secure their place on the show, where two are “called back.”

Although a winner has recently been chosen, the show is still fun to watch. It displays a wide variety of music styles, and many chances for contestants to either succeed or fail, with shocking developments all along the way. The show is also a great way to learn about the art of musical theatre and the way show business works in general, as the casting directors reveal a lot of insight into how they make their choices. I would give it a rating of five stars. If you like Glee, you will loveThe Glee Project.

The Glee Project is an enjoyable way to relax and spend an hour being entertained while listening to new interpretations of familiar songs and experiencing extraordinary talent.

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