Editorial: two lunch or not two lunch?

Grace Moon
Grace Moon

Combining the freshman and upperclassmen lunch periods every day is an idea that has pros and cons. We at The Olympian ultimately disliked the suggestion of having a single period lunch for all classes.

Although having a combined lunch period is a hassle, there are some bright sides to having combined lunches. Many people involved in lunch, including teachers, clubs and Link Crew members. Combining the lunch periods would allow teachers to teach without bell interruptions from the separate lunch periods. Tutoring will also be more convenient. Clubs will be able to meet more frequently. Lastly, a combined lunch would enable us to have an open campus for all students.

However, we at The Olympian believe that it is best to separate the two lunch periods. High school can be very daunting for freshmen and having combined lunches can make transition frustrating. Also, when lunches are combined, there are issues with seating and extremely long lines during block days. In fact, there is often no indoor seating on block days.

With the long lunch lines, crowded lunch rooms, and limited seating during the combined lunches we have now on block days, The Olympian believes that freshman and upperclassmen lunch should not be combined. Lunch should be an enjoyable and relaxing period, rather than a hectic ruckus with thousands of students trying to purchase and eat lunch.

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