ObamaCare ruling will determine legality of health care mandate

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more widely known as ObamaCare, is a major issue that President Barack Obama has been forced to deal with during his presidency. The health care reform law that focuses on increasing coverage, increasing health care funding, reducing costs, and lessening the social burden that health care has become in this day and age.

The 2,700-page document lists hundreds of details concerning changes and requirements that are to be met by insurance companies, individuals, and health care professionals. Among several changes include required immunization and preventive care, dependents being covered until the age of 26, and everyone having some form of health insurance.

The bulk of this plan, however, is this: ideally, it would benefit poor families as insurance will become more available, most employers will provide health insurance or pay fines, and 32 million more people will have health insurance in about seven years, including an estimated 50 million in need of senior life insurance.

The controversial mandate of the law  is that citizens will be expected to buy their own coverage or be faced to pay a $695 fine annually.

Over the span of ten years, the law is expected to cost $940 billion. Yet compared to the government’s expected health costs otherwise, the law is predicted to save $138 billion over that time and a whopping $1.2 trillion by 2022.

The law proves to be an extremely controversial issue and especially illustrates the difference in opinion of the nation’s two strongest parties. While Democrats are aiming to improve health care by making it more widely available and affordable, Republicans argue that this new law would be moving our nation towards socialism and violating constitutional rights.

“Never before has the federal government required every American to buy a good or service, and the reason is simple; the Constitution does not permit for it,” senior Seamus Guerin said. “Such actions infringe on our rights as Americans to determine our own fate and make our own decisions.”

Conservatives also believe that the law will raise federal deficits, impose higher taxes, and financially crush individuals who cannot afford their medical costs. On the other hand, Democrats claim that the health care reform law will eliminate medial bankruptcy and lower family premiums.

“I believe ObamaCare has good intentions but just like any form of public care, there are always going to be people who take advantage of the situation. However, I do think it could improve America in the long run,” explained senior Arianna Weingarten.

“I think there are some parts that are great about it and others, not so much. You can’t really keep a few parts and throw the rest away, though so it’ll be interesting to see what the Supreme Court decides later,” said CVHS nurse Sandee Velasquez.

The law was discussed for three days before the nine Supreme Court justices in late March and a ruling of the case is expected come in June. The court’s decision will immediately affect the way all Americans receive and pay for their personal health care and will undoubtedly serve as a central theme in November’s presidential and congressional elections.

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