New album showcases Chameleon Circuit’s overwhelming creativity

Chameleon Circuit’s second album, Still Got Legs, showcases the band’s overwhelmingly large amount of creativity.  As a trock (time lord rock) band that started from Youtube, they’ve come a long way and have been very successful with their music.

Still Got Legs features a large array of instruments and melodies, so the listener never gets bored. The album really grows on you.  Every time I replayed the album, I found myself liking it more and more.

One of my favorite songs from the album is “Kiss the Girl.”  The song is based on an episode of Doctor Who called “The Lodger.”  However, people who aren’t necessarily fans of Doctor Who can still enjoy this musical piece.  The lyrics are easily relatable, because they simply tell a love story.

Another one of my favorite songs from Still Got Legs is “Nightmares.”  I like this song because it has a darker feel to it.  The singer’s voice mixed with the grungy instrumentals successfully conveys the emotions of the lyrics.

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, this album would be a terrific addition to your music collection because Chameleon Circuit’s music is based on the show.

However, this album can be enjoyed even if you aren’t a Doctor Who fan. Chameleon Circuit’s songs are very easy to relate to and it would be an interesting experience to apply your own meanings to the songs.

You can buy a physical copy of Still Got Legs at  Alternatively, you can buy a digital copy on iTunes.

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