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Onward original brings warm memories

Ian Lightfoot struggled to hold the wizard’s wand steady as a gust of wind trashed his room. His brother opens the door to see what was happening inside and finds that the spell was working: their late dad was magically coming back to life. In his excitement, Barley Lightfoot rushed over just as the magic crystal burst into pieces and the spell stopped. The Lightfoot brothers looked over to the closet to see if their dad reappeared. Instead, a pair of legs walked out of the closet.

“Onward” is Pixar’s newest movie and first original movie since 2017. The movie follows two elf brothers as they go on quest in order to have their dad back for one day. The world they live in used to have magic, but was taken over by technology. As the brothers go on their adventure, they reconnect with the past and use magic to further their journey. They only had 24 hours to bring back their dad, but are met with tons of obstacles, delaying their success. At the end of the movie, only Barley gets to meet their dad as Ian, who had never met him before, distracts the evil curse so Barley can say goodbye. Ian realizes that although he never met his father, he has Barley to protect him in a fatherly way. 

I really enjoyed watching this movie. I thought that it was a new, creative, and fresh story. I appreciated all the themes of the movie like family, technology vs nature, and facing your fears. I also loved how relatable the characters were: Ian, a fearful, shy, awkward teenager and Barley, a fun-loving, caring dreamer. Although this story takes place in a fantasy world, I thought that the small commentaries it had truly paralleled our own world. In fact, watching this movie, I thought about my brother and began to miss him, realizing how much he impacted my life and how he constantly supports me just like Barley supported Ian. 

“Onward” is a heartwarming, family movie mixed with action, comedy, and adventure. It doesn’t fail to make you laugh, cry, and smile. I definitely recommend watching this movie, especially if you have a sibling.

3 thoughts on “Onward original brings warm memories

  • When I watched this movie I thought it was pretty clever because of the brothers relationship and the way they interact with other characters. overall I thought the movie was entertaining and fun to follow along the clues and adventure they had to find the gem. And I think the article accurately described the movie and gave a great profile of the characters.I think the author also liked the movie along with the other people in the comments

  • nina rogers

    I agree with this article! onward was definitely a very new and exciting movie that is nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before. it was really touching to watch how the characters ian and barley go on an adventure to help find their father, only for the end realization that Ian has about how his brother has been a father figure to him. the end where Ian lets barley have a final alone minute with their father was really touching, and made me unexpectedly emotional. 10/10

  • While “Onward” may not be my favorite Pixar movie, it was definitely quite amazing. This movie really made me reflect on my own relationship with my brothers, and how important they are in my life. I really related to the main character Ian, especially with how socially awkward and unconfident he is. The small joke about how scary the freeway is was really relatable, especially since I recently got my license and am scared of the freeway. Like this review says, it’s a very heartwarming movie that many people with siblings can relate to.

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