Trojans sting Yellowjackets

The tennis-loving Trojans and their entourage populated the CVHS courts on March 17 against Berkeley. The match had a difficult start, but the Trojans managed to prevail with a score of 4-3.

The match started accordingly with good warm ups, high spirits, as well as cheers from the team captains. The Trojans then proceeded with 3, 2, 1 doubles and 4, 3, 2 singles to follow the league’s recommendations.

Berkeley took the first set from the Trojans with a single from Ethan-James Stolmeijer and doubles from Chris Mah and Spencer Siu, as well as Spencer Siu and Kenneth Fukunaga. At this time, CVHS led in only one match, Sanjeev Sinha’s single. After Sinha’s set, the score was 2-1 with Berkeley in the lead. “To say that things did not look good would be an understatement, but CV did not quit. They played the best they could on this day. They tried their absolute hardest and never quit,” stated coach Greg Lowe.

Things got brighter as the Trojans continued to win their sets. Eventually as the match progressed, Castro Valley took the lead from Berkeley, despite Berkeley’s effort to regain lost ground.

“It was an all around team effort. Everyone contributed and we battled to the very last point. Definitely it was a great win for Castro Valley,” stated tennis player Spencer Dong.


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