Trojan boys wrestling team give their all at NCS Wrestling Championships

Placing as the eighth top team at the NCS Wrestling Championships, the Trojan boys wrestling team members gave it their all to make their school and themselves proud. NCS boys wrestling includes 120 high schools across the state.

At the HAAL Championships which preceeded NCS, CVHS came out on top as the number one team out of seven. The winners of the HAAL Championship finals included: David Lazares, Matt Waespi, Sal Osorio, Matt Aquino, Andre DeCotio, Gyan Rusconi-Rodriguez, David Valladares, and Roberto Perez. All 14 wrestlers qualified to advance to NCS.

Of those, the wrestler who made it the furthest in the league, senior Sal Osorio, took fourth place in his bracket when he won against Clayton Valley.

Senior Gyan Rusconi-Rodrigues said, “It’s a lot of hard work; you have to be committed, even in the off-season. You can’t put in less than 100 percent of your effort.” Rusconi-Rodriguez injured his ankle during his fifth match, but still placed in the top twelve of his bracket.

Coach Josh Wheeler in congratulations to his players stated, “The team worked really hard this year in trying to achieve their goals. Their performance was commendable and is a testament to their hours of dedication to the game.”

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