Connecting Online to Connect in the Classroom

AmericaI’m sure that as students we can all agree it is difficult to stay focused and alert in class. For some it may be the lack of sleep from the previous night filled with an overbearing amount of homework, yet for others it may be the lack of interest for the subject and the distractions that surround us such as our phones.

Seeing that most kids these days can’t live for more than five minutes without checking Instagram, texting their friends, or taking selfies, students are the victims of rapidly advancing technology. If students are uninterested in learning history, or think math is unnecessary, what should be done to increase the amount of effort and interest put in by students?

Clearly, society is at a point where technology is highly depended on. So, why not take advantage of the technology that surrounds us to connect to curriculum in ways that students can relate to and show more of an interest for? In my experience, my teachers have introduced a commonly known website called Kahoot, which is a creative way to quiz students in a way that engages them in friendly competition while teaching them the information. I have seen Kahoot used in history classes to review for upcoming tests, in math for warm up questions, and in English as a way of correcting our own homework.

Being part of the many that find it difficult to stay awake during a class that is mind draining, I find that having the opportunity to use the Chromebooks or our cell phones for hands on activities grasps the interest of many. People like competition, especially against their friends. Using technologically game-based methods can be the solution to motivating students to learn without the complaints. With this extra push, students learn a lot more than they did by sitting in class, having to fill out a worksheet or listening to their teachers ramble on for an hour.

Thinking outside the box and connecting with the interests of students can be a powerful tool in the classroom to help the improvement of teaching and learning. As students, we have to express our opinions and the way we feel we are being taught. If we feel a classroom can be more productive and interesting, we should let our teachers know but at the same time be willing to contribute the honesty and effort into the privileges given to us.

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