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New regulations will help students mature


ElectricFenceCastro Valley High School has had one of the worst years as far as discipline goes. There have been proposals to implement strict new regulations to improve the safety and effectiveness of our school.

The changes, such as constructing guard towers and an electric fence, will make the campus more secure, and discourage students from leaving campus during school hours. Although administration has tried other methods to fix the truancy problem, so far no other method has been effective.

Here at The Olympian, we approve all of the new regulations because they will ensure our better safety and organization of the students.

Other changes include a school uniform, harsher rules against public displays of affection (PDA), and longer school days.

The uniforms are designed after the very famous “blue-black” dress, also commonly known as the “white-gold” dress. Not only will this be a trendy improvement, it will bring CVHS viral internet attention, and who doesn’t want that?

Even more exciting is the change for longer school days and school years. Everyone can relate to the overwhelming feeling of sadness sometimes experienced during the long months of summer break. Why promote depression, when we can easily extend our time in school?

Although these rules may seem somewhat harsh, the reality is that there is no other way to improve the atrocious disciplinary problems at CVHS. Besides, students should remember that these rules are only being made to help us, not torture us.