Executive order challenges American democracy

DanicaMillions of unauthorized immigrants no longer have to hide in the shadows, after President Obama released a new immigration order Nov. 20. Even though President Obama passed it without the consent of Congress, I believe this new policy is a good idea that will help a lot of people.

Many undocumented immigrants are people who were brought here as children and see America as their only home. Fear of deportation would be inevitable.

Now, with immigrants no longer having to fear being deported, I heard classmates talk of family members overjoyed with the news.

The Statue of Liberty is a famous American symbol that represents the acceptance of immigrants into the country and the American dream. Obama’s proposal is a step towards these ideas.

Even though I would support this new action, I am conflicted with Obama’s choice to present this without Congress approving. I am for a democracy where the country’s leader has to pass laws that have been approved by the people first.

In Obama’s passing of the immigration order, I feel that his action was slightly autocratic, yet I really like the idea of the order.

I feel that with conflicting parties in Congress, the President would have a lot of trouble getting the immigration law passed anyway if he had followed his restrictions. Although I believe that act was appropriate based on what the United States was built on, the way it was passed was the opposite.

Another way in which America was founded on was the need and want of a democracy where no ruler would have full say in the country’s choices.

Obama brought immigration into his own hands, making the choice for the entire country. That was not democratic and not what the United States government is about. It is about people having a voice in the government.

This is why I would have to say that even though I think the new immigration act is a great thing for many people, it shouldn’t be acted upon because of the undemocratic way in which Obama passed it without Congress’s consent.

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