The Saturday Misfortune

Saturday school, as you might know, is given to students with poor attendance of various kinds. It is not fun, but it is not that bad. Apart from the fact that it is on a Saturday and you could be sleeping in, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Let me tell walk you through what Saturday School truly is. First off, you have to get there early or else you’ll get kicked out and it will count as if you never showed up. After waiting, you’ll be sent down to the cafeteria, where you’ll sign in and be assigned a seat. Once seated, you have to wait for the rest of the students to sit down as well (it’ll take a while, trust me). Then, you’ll be read the rules and warned about how things can go and how things will go.

You’ll be given the first two hours to work on whatever it is you need to get done. If you happen to have nothing to work on, it’s okay. They’ll search up your classes and give you something.

Now be aware that not everyone is in there for the same reasons. And not everyone has the same patience or capability to sit in a room for two hours straight and say nothing at all. In my time there I did see a kid not being able to handle such pressure of peace and quiet, it didn’t turn out so great. He made a big scene and everyone was watching. This is how a bad reputation starts.

After two hours, you are allowed a 15 minute break. After the break you are brought back to your seat and you are to continue working for the remaining two hours, the slowest part.

Now, in Saturday School, you should should be aware of the fact that they are trying to punish you by taking away your individuality. You are not you, you are the kid in the second table with the gray sweater. You have put yourself in a group of students where you are all the same. Forget the fact that you got caught in a tardy sweep and couldn’t make it to detention. In Saturday School, you are just the same as the kid who skipped detention three times and the girl who skipped every Monday of the school year.

Saturday School is not about you hanging around school for four hours, it’s about what you could’ve done in class when you weren’t there. Just look at me, I wrote an article and drew a picture in the last two hours.

Now, I’ve shown you what my first and last Saturday School was, and as a fellow student and a staff writer of The Olympian, I suggest you stay away from Saturday School. I don’t know about you, but personally, spending my Saturday doing nothing in an absolutely silent room with 50 people is definitely not what I had in mind, so I will definitely try to get to class on time from now on!

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