CVHS brings back Spanish for Spanish Speakers

Spanish is currently the most popular language class for students at CVHS. However, since 2008, CVHS hasn’t had the Spanish for Spanish Speakers class. As a result, Spanish speakers have been ending up in regular Spanish classes.

According to Spanish teacher Laurel Orduña, “Lots of schools have Spanish class for Spanish speakers.”

“I think it’s a good idea. When I was in the class I felt like I was actually learning,” said senior Bianca Arias who took the Spanish for Spanish Speakers class her freshman year.

Certainly, native Spanish speakers are at a different level compared to beginning learners. It would be extremely hard for Spanish native speakers to find regular Spanish classes interesting or challenging.

Thelma Mooney, originally from El Salvador, is currently in her first year of teaching Spanish at CVHS and will be going to the middle schools to explain the class concepts to students as well as parents.

“We have had the class before,” said Wendy Hahn, a Spanish teacher at CVHS.

The only reason the Spanish for Spanish Speakers class was canceled was because of insufficient amount of people taking the class.

If enough people sign up to take the class, then it’s very likely CVHS will offer the Spanish for Spanish Speakers class starting next year.

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