Former CVHS student murdered in San Leandro

Leneasha Northington, a former student of CVHS, has been well remembered this past month after she was murdered in a shooting on Sunday, Oct. 2 in San Leandro.As a freshman last school year, Northington transferred to the CVUSD. She stayed for a total of one semester and transferred to San Leandro High School. She was a friendly and likable individual and her teachers and peers were immediately impressed by her outgoing personality.“For someone who was new to the district, she seemed comfortable with herself. Students really got along with her,” said English teacher Colleen Mullany. “She had tremendous potential and we would have seen more of that if she stayed.”

According to police, two others were killed and three were injured in the shooting that occurred outside of a warehouse party. Police received a call at around 1:20 a.m. that Sunday morning. Once police had arrived, they discovered that six individuals had been shot by two gunmen shortly after the party had ended.

Medical attention was given to the injured victims; three individuals, including Northington, were pronounced dead at the scene.

CVHS administrators received word about Northington’s death the day after and informed teachers and guidance counselors. Health teacher Sue Anderson was among the several on campus who was overwhelmed once receiving the news.

“The main individual who brought energy and life to class was Leneasha,” stated Anderson. “She had this enthusiasm that not many people have.”

Northington did indeed possess a jovial personality and incredible spirit that her teachers and peers admired.

“I’ll always remember how she was always smiling, no matter what,” said sophomore Megan Wallace, a fellow classmate. “It’s hard to believe that that smile’s not around anymore.”

Behind those big smiles, however, was a teenager enduring personal tribulation.

“I knew that underneath, she had a lot of stuff going on. But she was at that point of making her life count more,” explained Anderson. “That’s where my sadness sits: that lost opportunity.”

Despite whatever personal issues she may have been enduring at the time, Northington made a lasting impression on all of her teachers and classmates as an optimistic individual with drive.

“She was someone who could have made a difference in the world and she doesn’t have the opportunity to now. It’s a tragedy she’s gone,” said Mullany.

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