Dual enrollment students look forward to new semester

Students taking dual enrollment class are now finishing up their first semester. Dual enrollment allows high school students to take a Chabot College class twice a week at the Castro Valley Adult School after school on Mondays and Wednesdays.

“Dual enrollment has been great!” said junior Addie Bukhari. “As someone whose passionate about sociology and politics, I feel like I’ve learned a lot about America and race relations throughout history and today.”

“Students get the benefit of experiencing a college class in a supported way, get college credit at almost no cost, and can get elective credit towards their high school diploma if needed,” counselor Allison Zuckerbrow added.

The class is offered to those in grades 10 to 12, with priority given to juniors and seniors. This past fall semester, the class focused on “Ethnic Studies,” but in the spring the topic will switch to “Principles of Sociology.”

CVHS staff members determine which subjects will be taught in future semesters by asking students to complete a survey. They then work with Chabot College to decide which class to offer based on the availability of Chabot faculty.

“My favorite thing is our discussions after we watch a documentary or have a lecture,” said Bukhari, “They get heated—which is my favorite because it gets a good conversation started.”

“I think every student should try to take this class because we talk about things you wouldn’t talk about in your English or government class,” Alfredo Zuniga said.

The new semester starts on Jan. 22 and ends in late May. The priority deadline to register was Dec. 12 but those interested can still turn in late applications until Jan. 11.

“I would definitely recommend this class. The professor is amazing, and it’s an eye opening course to take. I’d definitely enroll next semester!” Bukhari said.

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