Fashion Class is a New Trend

Want to learn about the art of style and fashion? Love altering your own clothes to make them unique to you? Enjoy expressing your personality artfully through your outfit? Or maybe just need your art credits filled? Then Figure and Fashion Design with Jennifer Parker in room 204 is just the class for you!

Figure and Fashion Design is a new class being introduced this 2014-15 school year for any student who may just want to learn how to dress nice, to students who are looking to pursue a career in fashion. Parker explains that this is her first year teaching such a class, and she is trying to learn alongside the students about fashion, since she is not a pro at style herself. She is going to spend the main focus on drawing models, getting proportions down, understanding shading, and simply becoming accustomed to drawing the human figure.

So far the class has worked on drawing models of either a life size skeleton, Parker, or even some students in different poses. The students always come in with an open mind and new, challenging tasks before them. “My experience has been really interesting, and it’s cool because I get to learn new things,” student Oscar Olave says.

Parker hopes to have every student use the class sewing machines at least once by the end of the year, possibly more.

By the end of the year, Parker will have a class of students who can excel in drawing the human figure proportionally, alter clothing on their own, and be able to tell which accessories and clothes match perfectly.


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