Huerta Hits the Greece Highlands


Stephanie is a Greek Goddess

I was welcomed to the coast of Santorini, Greece, with the sea as blue as it could be and the island up high as the sky. Looking up, I saw the steep mountain we had to climb to reach its cobblestone streets. Our method up the mountain was far from normal! I’d have to say, paying for riding a donkey up the mountain was the best five euros I ever spent! It was a hot day, and all you heard was the laughter from our group as a senior pretended that his donkey was racing all the others to the top of the mountain.

At the very top of Santorini there was an array of blue and white everywhere I looked. Hundreds of restaurants that looked below the mountainous island and into the vast sea were filled with people. The sun was up high, highlighting the white and blue off the shops, restaurants, and homes of Santorini. As my friend and I walked across the top of the island, we ran into beautiful churches, typical blue domes over houses, big windmills, and endless steps leading further into the streets of Santorini.

My friend and I sat at a restaurant, enjoyed a gyro, and took in the beautiful view. While we didn’t do much on the island but walk around and look at the souvenirs, Santorini held my heart captive with its peaceful breeze and soothing hum of life.

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