American Eagle: Best Place for Jeans

    Being six feet tall, you can imagine how hard it is to find jeans that fit just right. I used to dread the day I would have to go jeans shopping. Jeans either barely fit, or they would flood above my ankles. It was my least favorite part of shopping, until I discovered something that altered my mindset on jean shopping forever.

    I was browsing around the jeans section of American Eagle, which was one of my favorite stores, when a very kind lady asked me if I needed any help finding pants. She was about as tall as me, so I explained my problem to her, hoping for some helpful advice. She told me that she used to have the exact same problem and then shared a very exciting piece of information with me. American Eagle didn’t just sell short, regular, and long, which are the lengths commonly found in stores, but they also sold extra-long exclusively online. That same day I rushed home, got on the computer, and ordered my first pair of extra-longs.When they finally arrived I tried them on and I couldn’t believe it. They fit perfectly! I couldn’t help but look at them in utter joy. The curse of not being able to find jeans was finally broken.

    To this day American Eagle is my favorite store to buy clothes. They always have the latest fashion, cutest clothes, great customer service, and most notably, they always have sales, especially online. When I am at the mall, the first place I walk into is American Eagle. Whenever I feel like doing some shopping, I always log onto and purchase a few things, for a very good price, and, of course, buy a pair of jeans. Now cuffing my jeans is a choice, not an obligation, because for once they’re not too short, instead they fit just right.

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