Knowji app makes studying SAT vocabulary easy

urlThe Knowji Vocab 7-10  app for the iPhone is the best SAT vocab-learning app I’ve ever used.  I learned new words at an incredibly fast pace, faster than I thought I would learn, and faster than just using flash cards.

The exercises in the app help students learn words in different ways.  The memory coach gives you multiple choice and fill in the blank practice with the words.  Accompanying each word is an audio clip, an image, a sentence using the word, and a definition, which includes synonyms and acronyms.

I really like how the app repeats words every several slides so users are always going back to their memory and recalling the vocabulary word.  Another thing that’s unique about the Knowji app is that you can set personal goals and alarms for how many words you want to learn in a day, or by a deadline.  The app has a built- in progress and status checker, and color coded learning levels to differentiate which words you know best.  You can also take out words you already know.

I give this app a 4.5/5 stars, with a recommendation to everyone I know.  For the students who want to try the app without a full time commitment, a Knowji Vocab LITE app is available on iTunes for free.  I am positive that the fast learning that students experience with Knowji will get them downloading the full app in no time.

Although I think the images can be quite cheesy and exaggerated, those factors were what helped me remember the word!  Knowji Vocab is a wonderful investment to learn words – not just for the SAT, but for everyday use.  I feel so much more prepared for the Critical Reading section, and more knowledgeable in general.


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  • March 16, 2013 at 9:36 pm

    This sounds like a great app! I’m going to recommend it to my niece, she will be starting high school next year. Thanks for the recommendation!

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