Got Glee?

Lots of gossiping teenagers dancing around and singing songs? What isn’t there to like?

Glee is a show about problems that high school students face and how they overcome their stress and hardships. The students come across a lot of difficulties at McKinley High, like relationship and sexuality issues, and prospects after high school.

Will Schuester, a Spanish teacher, starts a glee club called New Directions. All the misfits flock to the club to show off their vocal talents and start recruiting new members.

On the episode “I Kissed a Girl,” Santana, a Cheerio (which means cheerleader on Glee) and “mean girl,” tries to come to terms with the fact that she is a lesbian. All her friends on the show recite songs for her to show her that they love her no matter what, and tell her to stay strong.

Glee covers many tough subjects that may be hard to talk about with anyone. The character Quinn, also a Cheerio, has to decide what to do about her pregnancy and whether she will have to give her baby up.

Not only is there a very serious and inspiring part of Glee, there is also a funny musical aspect. Each episode has a variety of different songs, with music from artists like Beyoncé, Celine Dion, The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, and Adele.

During one of the funnier episodes, “Britney/Brittany,” Brittany S. Pierce, yet another Cheerio, sings many of Britney Spears’ songs with reluctance at first, saying, “I’ve lived my entire life in Britney Spears’ shadow. I will never be as talented or as famous.” She ends up singing a few songs with the actual Britney Spears, like “Toxic” and “I’m a Slave 4 U.”

The main cast includes Lea Michele as Rachel Berry, a scholarly girl looking forward to her future; Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel, who comes out to be gay and has a great voice, but can’t seem to fit in, except in the glee club; Cory Monteith as Finn Hudson, the football player who was ever so popular and now hangs out with the losers; and Amber Riley as Mercedes Jones, an African-American diva queen who wants her spot in the limelight.

Glee has won a number of awards, including two Grammy award nominations, four Emmy Awards and three Golden Globes. The show has caught the attention of over 33 million viewers.

Go Gleeks!

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  • February 11, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    I like glee. it is fun show.

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