A dress code, not a dress suggestion

It’s just a fact of life: some things are never enough. However, that shouldn’t be the case in the length of some girls’ clothing.

Teenagers these days, boys and girls, seemed to have lost their modesty and think it’s okay to wear whatever their hearts desire: the shortest shorts, the lowest rise jeans they can find, any way that they can add more skin to their outfits. What some people wear to school nowadays is disturbingly revealing and they need to learn to cover up.

There is a dress code in place at CVHS which bans most of this clothing, but no one seems to care or listen. Students still wear anything they please because teachers in no way enforce the dress code. Shorts and skirts are supposed to at most, only reach as high as your middle finger can touch on your thigh.

However, most girls wear skirts and shorts as short as possible and teachers and administrators do nothing about it. If no one enforces the dress code, how will any of these students learn at least the definition of modesty and keep our school from looking like a day at the beach?

It’s not only girls who constantly break the dress code. Boys always seem to want to wear their pants as low as possible too. It’s called a belt, and it’s not hard to use. However, teachers are more likely to talk to boys whose pants hang too low than they are to the girl whose butt is hanging out of her shorts.

Teachers need to enforce the dress code and keep our schools from looking like an under-dressed club. If it’s covered by underwear, I don’t want to see it and I shouldn’t have to. Teachers and administrators need to do their jobs and clean up the kids before it’s too late.

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