Yosemite first-timer had “a really great experience”

I’m hanging off the side of a rock ready to take my next steps up and not fall. I look down at the ground far below. The only thing stopping me from falling was a rope.

I went to Yosemite for the first time this spring and it was very fun. The very first thing we did first was go rock climbing. That was when I realized I clearly had no upper body strength. I had to pull myself up with my arms but after a while I just couldn’t pull. The shoes I wore were a size larger than my actual feet.

But once I reached to the top, my fear of heights was nothing, I deserved what I saw and I wouldn’t change that accomplished feeling for anything.

After we went rock climbing, we met a famous rock climber named Ron Kauk. We met him for an interview and it was fun hearing so much he has accomplished in his life doing the thing he loves. We spent the afternoon with him and we also visited this little natural water spring.

On the second day we went on a big hike that made me think I need to get out more because holy cow I am not fit. The hike involved a lot of ups and downs when we were coming back which killed my lungs and soul. We passed Vernal Fall that had so much mist it was like you were taking a shower. There were many waterfalls but for me what made the hike worth it was the air. I would go back just for how clean the air was. There was no smog in the air at all, and tons of moss which made it smell nice.

After that we chilled in the tents taking plenty naps even though it was possibly 4 p.m. at the latest. We had s’mores the first and second nights with real sticks which actually baffled me. I’m used to the metal or wood sticks you buy because those are sanitary. Also those sticks made it taste a bit like pine so I most likely will never do that again. Just like the night before, my camping buddies and I stayed up till 11 p.m. playing Uno and I won the two last games which was great.

The food we also had for dinner was regular food which actually surprised me, I’ve been camping few times in my life when I was younger and I remember eating regular food, but we didn’t cook it out on the fire pit.

On the very last day we met and interviewed a famous ranger named Shelton Johnson. It was cool hearing the history of the park that he told and all that he’s done while being a ranger.

After that, the last thing we did was go rock climbing again, but this time it was different. Instead of pushing yourself, you put your hands and feet inside the natural crack and climb that way. Besides swinging three feet off the floor because I slipped with the shoes that didn’t fit, I did good. This climb was a lot easier than the first because it involved using hands to jam inside crack which is perfect since I have small hands. That climb was also much faster since it was technically easier especially without having to deal with mosquitoes like the first time. Getting to the top was not as nice of a view but I was still able to see so much.

Overall Yosemite was a really great experience and I would do it again, but next time I will train so that I won’t be as winded when we go on a big hike.

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